Saturday, November 03, 2007

Speaking of which...

Hey, speaking of that unnamed store in my previous post..
As has been typical for this store, once the salesman leaves you to go check on other people, you pretty much won't see him again.

What's up with that? What's up with that whole idea that the salesman will disappear after talking with you, especially after he's leaving you to ponder something over?

For instance, you go check out monitors... the salesman immediately comes up and asks if you need any help. At THAT moment, you don't. So he leaves. But then you make up your mind and you NEED his help to get the item, and he isn't there! He's talking to a few dozen other customers, or he's gabbing away with the other salespeople. You have to wait until ANOTHER salesperson shows up and realizes that you're not just browsing.

Hey, like I said in the previous post, a person with a shopping cart in that kind of store is NOT there for browsing. They have it in their head that they are going to BUY something, and usually not the kind of stuff that they can just hold in their hands. You don't need to dog that person RIGHT as they're showing up in your department, but understand that you have a REALLY good chance that you're going to make a sale off this person. So don't blow it!

Oh, btw, for those stores who pride themselves in saying that their salespeople don't work on commission... just because they're not getting a commission for the sale doesn't mean that they're not putting in the heavy sale for things like your overpriced insurance program, and that can be a turn-off as well. Offer it, but once they say "no", respect it. I don't know why that is so hard for salespeople to understand; especially if, as you claim, they have nothing to gain either way.